Element Guide


Palladium (Pd) - Bright mandarin orange with high notes of grapefruit and low notes of mango are orchestrated between wisps and whispers of yum. Steeped vanilla beans play staccato with slices of juicy peach. It's sweet nectar setting a slow tempo as it softly flirts with grated lemon rind and a handful of ripe red currants. Better late than never. The finale. Dessert.



Seaborgium (Sg) - Dressed clotheslines with no place to go. Opened windows fill the room with a cool breeze. Clean and carefree. Luscious fruit slow-clapping with the wind. Southern charm, sweetened tea, adorned with white and green floral.



Copper (Cu) - Where there is smoke, there is vanilla, cloves and fragrant spices. Jasmine tea and lily pads highlight sultry amber notes. Warm and nostalgic. Copper Cul de Sac's seductive signature element.



Tungsten (W) - Washed sandalwood sunbathing by the tropic shore. Lemons and limes patiently wait to garnish freshly opened coconuts on a bed of natural oakmoss. Masculine husks offer protection to the creamy exposed flesh. Chivalry. Him. Waiting. For her.



Scandium (Sc)- The properties of the rare earth metal, Scandium come to life in this Copper Cul de Sac exclusive. Intoxicating, luxurious notes of oud and tonka are layered with warm amber, aromatic sandalwood and skillfully infused spices to create a regal and refined fragrance.