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Rare Metal Collection

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What Our Community is Saying

I LOVE these candles! The scents are so unique and unlike any I have smelled before! The packaging is beautiful and will compliment any home decor.

-Alisha H.

What Our Community is Saying

Not only do these candles smell amazing, but they look super classy! Because they are made with non-toxic wax, it gives me comfort that I can fill my home with a non-harmful aroma.

-Aneesah S.

What Our Community is Saying

I am sensitive to strong fragrances, but these candle fragrances do not bother me. Elegant packaging, modern look and luxurious candles- I highly recommend this brand!

-Zohra I.

Ordering Made Simple

Bring our hand-crafted candles home, in three straightforward steps

Explore Element Guide

Find the perfect citrus, floral, oriental or woodsy scent.

Select an Element

We know its hard to choose just one.

experience your element

Burn your candle and enjoy.