Our Story

Simple. Straightforward. Sophisticated.

 It’s with a grateful heart that I welcome you to The Copper Cul de Sac.

In 2016, my husband and I bought our new home, nestled in a beautifully wooded cul-de-sac, just a month after we had our first baby. As you can imagine, our hands were pretty full during that chapter of our life. In between milk production and unpacking, we were faced with a fun challenge: How to create a welcoming space for our growing family and friends while also merging our two unique design styles — rustic and modern glam — into one.

Challenge accepted.

Once the smell of fresh paint and carpet started to wear off in our new home, my hunt for new scents began. This search combined with my desire for the perfect copper-hued décor piece, turned into a simple thought: why not make my own candles? After all, nothing creates a cozy and inviting home, more than a great aroma with a copper shine. 

We have always loved the properties and color of the element, Copper. It strikes the perfect balance between rustic and modern glam and deftly merges masculinity and femininity, which influenced the interior design of our home. Our shared affection for this metal would eventually inspire the design direction of The Copper Cul de Sac brand.

Our tagline, "Discover Your Element" exemplifies the journey we take our community on to uncover the scent that embodies the essence of oneself and home. The word "scent" is derived from the Latin word sentire meaning "to feel, perceive, sense". What emotions do you want guests to feel when they enter your home? Through scent, our elements help set the tone for any room.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, comments, or just want to share your favorite candle “selfie” at shop@thecopperculdesac.com.

We hope you will continue this exciting adventure with our family to discover your element with The Copper Cul de Sac.


        Beautify your home,           



P.S. Toxins have no place in our lives. You can learn more about our signature small batch candle making process on "Our Process" page.